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The group has multi-national origins (American, French, & English). The twin sister lead duet, Agnes & Benedicte (and drummer Oli, their brother) are Canadian, but have spent most of their childhoods in Asia & France. They are now based in Île de France & have been playing together for over 10 years & have recorded 2 albums.

The twin's harmony-rich duets soar smoothly over a pop/metal rock arrangement, although recently they've gone more "unplugged" & have developed a more organic feel with a guitar/bass/percussion combination. They play at festivals as well as soirees, inaugurations, weddings & other social events. The members of the group became acquainted through their involvement in humanitarian projects with the association, 'Ptits Coups de Main', in which they continue to actively participate, entertaining patients (& staff) in children's wards & Hospitals in the Region Parisien.

€ 7.00+ € 3.00(shipping)

Album 2) "The Raving Loony Will Now Take Your Questions:"

, 12 track CD, 4 page digipack with 8 page booklet. Including "Despising The Shame", "I'm A Wannabe", "Alice" & more...released in 2009

€ 7.00+ € 3.00(shipping)

Album 1)"Metanoya"

13 track album, 6 page digipack with 8 page booklet, released in 2005. Including "Anything", "Feel Alive", "Chacun Son Prix" etc.

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Covers unplugged! Video snippets from Club Med World, Bercy Village, Paris.
Billy Bob's--Disney Village
May 2012 collage
Hospital--A. Trousseau
October 2012 collage


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